Activities of the CCF and their Justification

India has not developed technologically to provide quality living to its vast masses, even after 60 years of its independence. The great need is felt to raise the quality of Indian life by modernization and higher education. Therefore, this Forum aims to collect funds from various sources and encourage research and, if necessary, to promote research by foreign collaboration. Today we feel to undertake research in every walk of life- healthcare, defense, technical education, natural disaster, infrastructure, construction, etc., and so the requirement of enough funds needs no explanation. Compared with Western countries, we spend much less on research. Obviously, this Forum intends to ameliorate this situation by generating enough funds.

Due to rampant corruption, authoritarianism and delay in Justice delivery, human rights are the first causality in Indian democracy. Those who are meant to protect human rights are actually the violators of human rights. The police do not hesitate to kill innocent people in their custody and in the name of terrorist encounter. Moreover, in a populous and poor country like Indian, it is not possible to provide police protection to all people. Therefore, this Forum lays stress on legal literacy and self-defense. When people are conscious of their human rights as well as the limitation of various state authorities, they are free from state negligence and oppression in the name of welfare.

Environmental hazards are enveloping the whole world what to say about India. The problem of global warming has given us the wake-up call. We need to make our urbanization and industrialization eco-friendly; otherwise we will face shortage of drinking water, submergence of many cities on or near seashores and face insurmountable problems. This Forum is conscious establishing harmony between Man and Nature and so takes interest in educating people on doing environment-friendly activities.

Although there has been rapid rise in female education and employment still much remains to be done. This Forum stresses on the equality of women in all walks of life and so takes interest in searching various opportunities for women development.

Lack of education is the chief reason of backwardness and the poor families remain backward because they encourage their children to earn, not to learn. Therefore, this Forum pays greater attention to the education of children of those families who are below the poverty line.

In the field of health care, project is on anvil to provide medical treatment to those who reside in the remote villages and also arrange the first-aid training to the selected persons.

It is well known that there is a great divide between rural and urban areas in India. The rural areas badly need electricity, roads, telephones, hospitals, schools and colleges not only for the rural people but also for lessening the population pressure in big cities. We believe that this divide can be bridged by adopting what is called the PURA principle.

Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas, and so this Forum is also engaged in educating people on the PURA Principle.

Beggary has become a big industry in India. Not only invalid persons but also many unemployed persons are engaged in this industry. Since there is no law to check the growth of industry, many mafias indulge in this industry by hiring children and women who are exploited in various ways. It encourages not only human traffic but also the illegal sale of harmful drugs, thefts and robberies. It is also a source of spreading AIDS and other diseases. This Forum has, therefore, also undertaken the prevention of beggary and drug addiction.

Human Rights for All