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We have experimentally demonstrated that terrorism and violence cannot be eliminated from India by the sheer burte force of the police. For this purpose, the Constitution of India has to be taken into account.

What is terrorism? It is political violence (or threat of violence) arising out of the misinterpretation of Marxist Philosophy and the misunderstanding of Religion. (As per a court comment cited in the Bombay Police Act,"Terrorism is an unlawful use of the threat of violence against person or property to further political or social objectives-Vide Current's 2006., p.102).This distoration of sublime beliefs expressssed in violence cannot be elimanted by physical force, by employing deadly weapons. The Constitution of India, which is the legal as well as moralforce, has to be given full play and so , human rights and duties of a citizen cannot be overlooked .This point, when stated in a catchy slogan ,reads:NO ACCEPTANCE OF THE CONSTITUTION BY THE POLICE, NO REJECTION OF TERRORISM BY THE PEOPLE. In other words, without a radical change in the policw mindset, without full freedom from the frame of mind of British India, without adopting the attitude of Constitutional India, the spate of terrorism cannot be stopped.

It is well-accepted fact that the Constitution of India stands for the decentralization of power. Consequently,it gives freedom of belief and expression to every citizen and confers socio-economic equality on everyone. This objective (decentralization of power) cannot be fulfilled without being administratively, politically and socially conscious of human rights and duties of a citizen. How can the police ignore it and tame terrorism? Indeed, all police officers need to behave like a citizen of India and see that all others behave in the same fashion, and then terrorism would automatically vanish from India. This ideal condition cannot be laughed off without being foolish.

The details of our demonstration run into a number of books and papers including a book titled Our Human Rights Against the Supreme Court. Herewith we attach the latest 18 pages under the inclusive title A National Issue and Our Stand for the police and the people of India to accept. It necessitates the study of the other attached papers, namely, Police Ignorance of Crime Prevention, To All Police Officers of India,Elimination of Terrorism and Violence from India Impossible without police Honour to Human Rights of a Citizen, and Science secures the constitutional social order for the welfare of all.

It need not be stressed that the maintenance of law and order in a changing or developing society like INDIA IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL FOR sOcio-economic development of every citizen. This requires respect for the rule of law, impartiality of police officers and freedom of a citizen to defy the state lawfully, Under the constitutional framework of India. Obviously, party politics, arbitrary administration and corrupt police are unsuitable, rather anathema, to the elimination of terrorism and violence from India. in other words, we cannot be non-violent and terror-free without being constitutional in law-and-order maintenance, and we cannot be consitutional in law-and order maintenance without taking into account human (fundamental) rights and duties of a citizen.